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You tend to have less time for acquaintances in and perhaps even for family at times. Small talk no longer seems to satisfy you, and you could feel quite a bit of pressure to make better and more efficient use of your time.

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Jupiter continues to move through your sign until November, and this is about positive new beginnings, turning over a new leaf, and expressing yourself without apology. Be proud of who you are. You may be bringing more of your personality to your work or projects, and this is particularly rewarding and successful! This is also a good time for financial matters, and this theme will only increase later this year and through most of Orderliness will be empowering, and paying closer attention to deadlines, details, and rules will help tidy up your own mind and emotions so that you feel freer to enjoy yourself when pleasure calls, which it is likely to do frequently!

The central message of and the next couple of years is to specialize in your studies or work, hone your skills, and lay the groundwork for future projects. The year hosts a retrograde Mars period from June August 27 and a retrograde Venus period from October 5-November 16 , pointing to some slowdowns, retro callbacks, and apparent backtracking when it comes to desires, feelings, and affections. In fact, Venus is partly retrograde in your sign. Home, family, and career matters require new beginnings or slate-cleaning this year.

Balancing your personal life with professional responsibilities or outside interests is a big theme in Rewards are great if you can rise to the challenge with your duties, career, or public life.

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Take full advantage of the Jupiter-Pluto influence active until September. Connecting with people who help you further your goals and dreams is likely in The year is an interesting one for you, dear Scorpio, as Uranus opposes your sign and animates relationships, while Saturn helps stabilize your life with satisfying although sometimes demanding projects. Jupiter spends much of the year in your resources sector, and you can feel a stronger, happier relationship with your money and things.

A business may be especially satisfying and rewarding, and perhaps quite successful, too. This is something to consider. Your romance sector is Neptune and Jupiter-ruled. Neptune is a long-term guest in your romance sector, which tends to bring a transcendent quality to your casual relationships, but it can be a confusing influence at times. I really didn't think the first Tilly Trotter book needed a sequel As another review mentioned, this felt like a soap opera.

One thing that bothers me about some of Cookson's books, is how quickly a character can denounce her love for a recently dead partner e. A Restless Need.

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Like, "I didn't know love until I loved you" etc. Like, her relationship with Mark Sopwith was a hundredfold more endearing than his bratty son Matthew, who was still a I did it! Like, her relationship with Mark Sopwith was a hundredfold more endearing than his bratty son Matthew, who was still a brat in adulthood. The whole experience in Texas felt like a waste of time. The only good thing that came out of it was her adoption of Matthew's supposed bastard daughter and frumpy Katie finally finding love where otherwise she might grow to be a lonely spinster.

And what's this about white hair? What, like it happened overnight? Doesn't it need to grow out at the roots for a bit Still, as with all Cookson books, it held my interest. Mar 20, Vivian rated it liked it Shelves: novels. The second installment this story has lots of surprises and very difficult choices for Tilly. One wonders how one person can attract so much difficulty.

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Now, how to get my hands on installment 3. Dec 06, Punit Sahani rated it really liked it. My heart goes out to Tilly for all that she has faced from being called a witch, to being a mistress, to being a legally wedded wife, to being a widow and carrying 2 bastard children along May 18, Sarah rated it liked it. Tilly Wed was the first one of her books I actually read because the TV series definitely left you hanging as to what happens next. It takes a somewhat soapera turn in this sequel with who she weds but I don't want to spoil the book.

The sequel is set in the early days of settling Texas. The 3rd and final one is on my list to get eventually. Jun 22, Susan rated it liked it. As in most of Cookson's books she writes with strong female characters overcoming some miserable circumstance or misfortune.

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I also love the English accents given her characters. If you like books set in old England and well developed characters, you will enjoy books by Catherine Cookson! Tilly Trotter Wed is part of a series. May 18, Lili rated it liked it Shelves: paperback , novel , read-a-long-time-ago. I read all of Catherine Cookson's books some years ago and enjoyed them immensley. I recently re-read all of them and find that on a second look I found them all so very predictable, and was rather disappointed. However I'm sure that it is my tastes that have changed not the calibre of her story telling.

Please do not read if you feel a little down. The Tilly Trotter series will make you feel worse.

It is not an uplifting book but very captivating. There is nothing but hardship sprinkled with a little love and some smiles. Tilly Trotter is a great character - the book is enjoyable but not for somebody who wants to be left with a feel good feeling. Cassettes in Oct 15, Angela rated it really liked it. May 19, Ellen rated it it was amazing. I have read all three books.

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  • Catherine Cookson was one of my favourites have read most of her books mostly the sagas. Aug 31, Linda rated it really liked it. A good Cookson romance. May 17, Ami Nurlianti rated it really liked it. Catherine Cookson really was a master of story teller The story about miss trotter always interesting especially when she wed Matthew Sopwith.

    I found it stressing at the end Feb 18, Clare rated it liked it. One of Cookson's best romantics. Good sequel to Tilly trotter who again has to overcome challenges and acceptance. F Coo. Excellent Second in the series, Tully certainly has had her share of grief, which continues as she moves to America to be with her husband. May 16, Magda rated it did not like it. Sue Del. Rockstar announced more activities, including Legendary Bounties, weekly maps with special collectible sets, new bonuses, gifts, and more will be revealed in the weeks to come.

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    Club, players are automatically enrolled in the program, which awards members as they accumulate XP and Role XP. The Club Membership period lasts from Sept. Rockstar also announced The Outlaw Pass, a new Rank-based progression system 70 Ranks total which allows players to earn unique rewards. Players who unlock all 70 Ranks of The Outlaw Pass during the membership period will earn a total of 35 Gold Bars , effectively negating the cost of the Pass.

    Club, membership in The Outlaw Pass lasts from Sept. Each Role will unlock certain exclusive skills and items as it increases in Rank, and unlocking new Role Ranks will award Role Tokens, which can be redeemed for special Role-specific abilities, upgrades, and more. The Bounty Hunter. Bounty Hunters will pick up additional jobs at Bounty Boards in key locations , which will task them with taking down criminals. Bringing them in alive grants a bonus, and bounties will be split among if the Bounty Hunter is in a Posse.

    Once the player has surpassed Rank 12, Bounty Hunters will be able to hunt other players in timed pursuit encounters. Traders will partner with Cripps and work together to make the Cripps Trading Company a success. Traders will hunt animals and complete Resupply Missions to gather materials , which can then be sent to Cripps, who will turn them into sellable items. Once the merchandise has been created, Traders can send the items out for delivery to make a profit.

    The further away the delivery, the higher the payout, but the bigger the risks. Traders will also need to defend their camps from raids, manage transporting materials with specialized carts, and more. The Collector will travel the world to find Tarot cards, buried treasure, heirlooms, and other valuables , which are scattered across the West. Ranking up grants special enhanced treasure-hunting skills, tools, and more. This week in Red Dead Online , Rockstar announced players will receive double the Gold when completing Daily Challenges , extra Showdown rewards, and more.

    This week in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online , Rockstar announced players will receive bonus rewards for participating in Land of Opportunities missions, discounts on Ability Card upgrades, and more. This week in Red Dead Online , Rockstar announced players will receive discounts on horses and horse-related items , a free Horse Care Package, bonuses for linking their accounts to Twitch Prime, and more.

    This week in Red Dead Online , Rockstar announced players will receive rewards for completing a set number of Daily Challenges , bonuses for linking their accounts to Twitch Prime, and more.

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    This week in Red Dead Online , Rockstar announced players will receive discounts on a variety of weapons , bonus Free Roam Mission rewards, a new emote, and more.