Astrological tarot spread

Start by laying the following Living Wheel Astrology Cards down as shown below:. The Sun card. The Star Sign the Sun is in today.

12 Houses Zodiac Tarot Spread

The current Moon Phase card. The Star Sign the Moon is in today.

Your personal House that the Sun is in right now. This card is unique to you. Your personal House that the Moon is in right now. Note: Of course you can shuffle however works for you, but for anyone unsure of how to do so, you can certainly try the method as written above. There may also be a man that expresses Hermit-like qualities who may have a significant impact on my day.

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I may be required to give someone guidance or vice versa. This could point towards things possibly being challenging throughout the day. Things may be a little heavy and the cards may be advising me to take time-out for my well-being. We might like to find out a bit more detail in regard to how our day or week may pan out so a positives and negatives spread can be very helpful.

3-Card Tarot Reading

This is a three-card spread. The best question to ask is:. Shuffle cards and cut as normal. This time, take three cards from the top of the shuffled deck.

Lay them out as follows:. I may feel particularly energetic which could lead to better health and exercise.

Beginner’s Guide To Tarot Card Spreads

Or someone could be coming into my life who is very Page of Wands-ish and help improve things for me somehow. The King of Pentacles in the negative could represent a man, perhaps an older one who is financially well-off, who may have a negative impact on my life. Or it could mean that my own finances could become particularly rocky. Some instability is suggested. The Ace of Wands as advice tells me that I should be bold and fearless and not to allow anxieties to weigh me down particularly financial ones, as indicated by the King of Pentacles.

About Tarot Spreads

Because Wands energy has shown up both in the advice and positives, this tells me a specific type of energy will be required of me and I am encouraged to go for it and not hold back. A Past, Present and Future reading can give us greater insight into how our current situation may be affected by the past and how it may manifest in the future. You can ask any question with this spread, whether it be related to work, relationships, health, finances or just general.

For the Past, I got 6 of Cups. Astrological New Year. Spring Equinox. No matter what you call the day the Sun blazes into the individualistic sign of Aries, it signals a time of renewal -- not just in our external world, but in our internal world as well.

What Can You Do with Spreads?

When the Sun makes its move into a different zodiac sign, we are all influenced by its distinctive energies. Aries is the sign of the self, so this is a time when we're being encouraged to focus on ourselves and the new beginnings that await each one of us. That's the beauty of the Sun in Aries -- you don't need to be a Ram to benefit from this season's energy! Are you ready to shake off the past and discover what's on the other side of this planetary fresh start? Learn how to do your own Aries season Tarot reading now This card gives you an understanding of who you are as you enter Aries season.

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Think of this card as your "internal universe" card, the one that offers a peek into what's going on underneath your surface. The energy you carry with you can play a significant role in how your story unfolds, so it's important to know what you're bringing with you into this brand-new cosmic cycle.